• Olympic Track and Field Schedule of Events

    12-Aug 7:30 M Discus Throw Qualification Group A
    12-Aug 7:35 W 100 Metres Hurdles Heptathlon
    12-Aug 8:05 W Shot Put Qualification
    12-Aug 8:10 M 800 Metres Heats
    12-Aug 8:50 W High Jump Heptathlon
    12-Aug 8:55 M Discus Throw Qualification Group B
    12-Aug 9:10 W 10,000 Metres Final
    12-Aug 9:55 W 100 Metres Preliminary Round
    12-Aug 12:30 M 20 Kilometres Race Walk Final
    12-Aug 18:30 W 1500 Metres Heats
    12-Aug 18:35 W Shot Put Heptathlon

  • Muscle Strains

    What Are They and How To Treat Them 


    In any sport, at some point, you will hear about an athlete experiencing (or you will experience) what is referred to as a muscle strain, pull, or tear. Muscle injuries are common and can happen to anyone, not just professional athletes. What is the true definition of muscle strain, and how do you know if the pain you might be experiencing is indeed a muscle injury?

     A muscle strain is an inju...

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